Today, as part of our mission to enable large scale Engineering Observability over the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC),  we’re very excited to announce the release of source{d} Enterprise Edition (EE). Check out the product overview video below or sign up for a demo to learn more.

source{d} EE demo

Why source{d} Enterprise Edition (EE)?

For those not yet familiar with source{d}, here is some context. Currently, the knowledge about an enterprise’s SDLC is spread out across the organization, with limited to no visibility for IT leaders. Lack of visibility into the SDLC is one of the root causes of a staggering number: about 70% of large IT transformation projects failing.

To increase the odds of success and the impact of engineering leaders when managing large IT organizations, there needs to be a unified data platform for the SDLC: where source code, version control data, project management tickets, build system output and other SDLC data sources come together.

source{d} aims to provide this end-to-end platform so that people at different levels of IT organizations can easily extract, load and transform data into metrics that can be quickly analyzed and visually presented for informed, data-driven decision making.

Sample of source{d} EE dashboard charts for a few select use cases

Analysis at Scale

With support for distributed processing across multiple nodes and cross joining of data sources, source{d} EE is purposely built to handle very large and complex SDLC data and engineering organizations. We leverage Apache Spark to easily scale up our data processing so that it only takes seconds or minutes to query very large datasets.

For instance, we have been running source{d} EE queries over the Public Git Archive, one of the source{d}-provided datasets, which contains 3TB of repositories from GitHub. It includes all of the contents (git metadata and file contents) for all of the most popular repositories on GitHub that count with over 50 bookmarks (>250,000 repositories).

Data Sources & BI Tools

This first public release of source{d} EE ships fully-integrated with Apache Superset, a modern, enterprise-ready Analytics & Business Intelligence web application. In addition to these native integrations, source{d} Enterprise Edition allows you to connect with your own business intelligence tools (such as Tableau, PowerBI, Looker, and others).

source{d} EE is continuously adding data sources from across the SDLC

Enhanced security and management capabilities

Source{d} EE allows admin users to easily integrate with major authentication providers (database, OpenID, LDAP, OAuth, and more coming soon) and to refine security permissions with intricate rules on who can edit or view queries, data sources, charts, and dashboards. Admins are able to view usage statistics, audit logs and receive email reports and alerts.

Flexible deployment options

source{d} EE can be hosted anywhere, our cloud, your private cloud or on-premise behind your firewall. Your data will never leave your premise and we offer both managed and self-managed instances. With Docker, Kubernetes, and Helm as the core building blocks of our infrastructure deployment processes, we can easily adapt to your requirements and architecture. In other words, you can choose who takes care of running the platform while keeping full control of your data.

Advanced Functionality

source{d} EE also comes with a series of add-on functionality, allowing users to extend their analysis beyond typical SQL queries through advanced functions. These are available upon request and tailored to help enterprises overcome specific challenges that often rely on machine learning capabilities, such as identity matching or code duplication analysis.

Enterprise-ready solutions

Last but definitely not least, source{d} now offers four customizable analytic solutions for its source{d} customers. From CIO to managers, all in the IT organization can benefit from these solutions and save a lot of time on accessing the right data to overcome their most important and urgent IT challenges.

  1. IT Modernization and Compliance: Measure your Technical Debt and improve your Application Portfolio Management, Software Governance, Risk and Compliance efforts.  
  2. Cloud-Native and DevOps Transformation: Monitor vendor performance and SLAs,  manage your 3rd party dependencies and accelerate your Cloud Migration.
  3. Engineering Effectiveness: Get a pulse on the overall Engineering productivity and quality through pull request and code review activity metrics.
  4. Talent Management: Align your company objectives with your talents expertise, build cases for new headcounts or encourage Innersource collaboration.
source{d} EE Compliance chart Sample

source{d} Community Edition

In case you missed it, today we also announced the private beta release of source{d} Community Edition. Read the blog post to learn more and request access to the source{d} CE beta.

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