As every year, for the last 18 years, February is the time for FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting.

And for the third year in a row, most of the employees here at source{d} went all the way to freezing Brussels to participate in this amazing conference. Some were attending, others speaking, others organizing entire devrooms.

This blog post is a recollection of the facts, as accurately as we can remember, since part of FOSDEM is enjoying Belgian delicacies such as waffles and beers.

the go devroom

On Saturday Maartje Eyskens, CEO of Women Who Go, and Francesc, our dear VP of Developer Relations, co-organized the fourth edition of the Go Devroom.

This year the Go Devroom was a huge success and you can already watch all of the talks online on this YouTube playlist.

the speakers dinner of saturday night

Is a conference really a conference without a fun speakers night? At source{d} we think that’s not the case, so we invited all the speakers from the Go and Source Code Analysis devrooms to have a nice dinner and some drinks surrounded by source{d} employees and friends.

the source code analysis devroom

On Sunday afternoon, it was time for Alex Bezzubov (software engineer at source{d}) and Francesc to co-organize a second devroom. This was the first time a devroom on the topic was created and it was, juding by the quality of the talks and the constant crowd in the room, a big success.

The talks (available in this YouTube playlist) were the following:

but there’s more

In addition to managing two devrooms and rewarding all the speakers with good food and cold beer, two of our employees gave extra talks!

Tools for large-scale collection and analysis of source code repositories

Alex Bezzubov gave a talk at the HPC, Big Data, and Data Science Devroom on the tech stack we develop at source{d}.

The title of the talk is Tools for large-scale collection and analysis of source code repositories and both theslides and the video are already available.

Container Linux baremetal provisioning with Terraform, Ignition and Matchbox

One of source{d} infrastructure team engineers, Rafa Porres, stayed in Belgium for a bit longer to speak atConfig Management Camp 2018 in Gent.

He gave a great talk titled Container Linux baremetal provisioning with Terraform, Ignition and Matchbox. Unfortunately it was not recorded, but the slides are available here.


Thanks to all of the speakers in our and other devrooms, to the organizers who did an incredible job, to all those that attended our devrooms, and to those that tried but could not get in!

Let’s do it all over in 2019!


Are you interested in speaking at events about Go or Source Code Analysis? We are currently organizing events in San Francisco, Madrid, and Lisbon, let us know!

You can get in touch with us joining our Slack community (link below), on twitter at @sourcedtech, or simply by mail at Are you interested in joining source{d}? We want to also hear from you! Check out our careers page!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you all!

This post was written by Francesc Campoy. Follow him on Twitter: @francesc.