After a bit over a year of intense work, we’re happy to announce the latest and best release of go-git yet! go-git v4 includes many new features, making it the most used and feature complete git library written in Go.

What’s new?

A year and almost 800 commits have passed since go-git v3.2.0 was released, our 55 amazing contributors have really been very busy. But all of this effort was worth it and it definitely shows.

Many (really many) new features have been added to go-git. go-git has gone from providing just some useful features to all the common used git functionalities. It is now a real alternative to shelling out git!

Moving to Apache v2

We always listen to the OSS community, and many voices were asking for a new license. As of today we’re moving go-git to Apache License, Version 2.

We hope this will help those wondering whether go-git was the good solution to their problems!

We have a logo, and it’s adorable!

Following the tradition of many other Go projects, we’ve adopted the gopher as our mascot, and integrate it with the git logo into this amazing creation!

Big shout-out to our designer Ricardo Baeta for the amazing art.

go-git in production

We obviously use go-git at source{d} for projects like borges and hercules but we’re by far not the only ones.

Projects like klone by the amazing Kris Nova, our friends at pachyderm, and even the zoekt project by Google use go-git.

Last but definitely not least, one of the go-git users I’m almost sure you’ve heard about are keybase. They recently announced the support for fully encrypted git repositories. Some might have missed their shout-out to the “excellent go-git project” (we didn’t).

And you?

Are you also using go-git in production or considering it?

Let us know! We’d love to hear about you. Join the go-git community on Slack using the form below.


We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every single one of our contributors. A special shout-out goes to Jeremy Stribling and Ori Rawlings who made this release possible.

You all are the real GitHub stars of this project.

This post was written by Francesc Campoy. Follow him on Twitter: @francesc.