As IT organizations focus on becoming more agile and delivering business value to their customers quicker, IT executives are often left in the dark with no data to make informed decisions about the highest priorities or changes with the biggest impact.

source{d} provides an end-to-end platform so that people at different levels of IT organizations can easily extract, load and transform data into metrics that can be quickly analyzed and visually presented for informed, data-driven decision making in the software development process.

At source{d}, we believe that Machine Learning and Data Science will fundamentally disrupt Software Engineering as we know it. Enterprises investing in the development of engineering data lakes, warehouses, and Machine Learning models will become a lot more effective than their competitors through software development analytics and automation.  

In this ebook, we first define what is Machine Learning on Code and how source{d} became a leader in this field. We also present the open-source tools and models for Machine Learning on Code. Finally, we describe the solutions available in source{d} Enterprise Edition including a list of past and upcoming research on our roadmap for 2020.

Request a copy of this Ebook.

Request a copy of this Ebook

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