We are excited to introduce the source{d} Engine client v0.11, the first release of our new periodic product release cycle. This means you can expect more consistent releases for source{d} products from now on.

You can download the latest stable version of source{d} Engine and receive notifications about new releases, features, security updates as well as tutorials and guides.

Of course, you can still also head directly to source{d}'s GitHub and try the cutting-edge versions of all our open source projects as well as contribute with documentation, code, and issues.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to devrel@sourced.tech if you have product feedback or requests that you do not feel comfortable sharing directly on our GitHub repository.

New Features & Support

Working with Multiple Datasets

Switching between multiple datasets or querying datasets that have changed is now easy with `srcd init path/to/repositories` and no longer should cause trouble with indexes built previously. Note that you need to initialize the source{d} Engine every time you want to process a new directory containing code repositories. Changes in the `init` working directory are not detected automatically for now.

Windows Support

Experimental Engine support for Windows 10 is now available via Docker Desktop for Windows, which requires Windows 10 64bit (Pro, Enterprise, or Education). For detailed instructions, refer to the source{d} Engine installation documentation. We are studying further support to other Windows versions that may rely on the Docker legacy desktop solution.

Port Management

Port management and custom configuration come to source{d} Engine v0.11, allowing users to set custom ports for components managed via a configuration file. This is particularly useful in case you have conflicting ports with other processes or run multiple versions of the components.

Significant Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Up to 3x performance improvements in queries traversing or counting commits.
  • Fixed a bug when filtering on more than one column and the squashed table optimization is applied at the same time.
  • Stability improvements on key components: gitbase and bblfshd.

Next Steps

Want to learn more about the source{d} Engine and it can benefit your community, enterprise or university? You can go to: