Last week, we hosted a session on the newly released source{d} Enterprise Edition (EE) with source{d} co-founder and CEO, Eiso Kant.

source{d} Enterprise Edition capabilities

With built-in visualization, management capabilities and advanced analytic functions, source{d} EE provide IT executives with visibility into their software portfolio, engineering processes and workforce. Watch this video recording to learn how source{d} EE can help everyone in the IT organization quickly get access to customizable analytic solutions for IT modernization and software compliance, Cloud-Native and DevOps transformation, Engineering Effectiveness, and Talent Management.

video recording of source{d} online meetup #7

Check out the slides and blog post for more information about this recent announcement.

source{d} Community Edition

In case you missed it, we also recently announced the private beta release of source{d} Community Edition. Read the blog post to learn more and request access to the source{d} CE beta.

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