Two months ago, we announced the beta release of source{d} Community Edition (CE), formerly known as the source{d} Engine.

source{d} Community Edition is the only free & open source product that provides individual developers, small to mid-size companies and open source project maintainers with software development analytics.

If you have not already, we invite you to request access to the source{d} Community Edition beta to receive the download links and getting started instructions.

source{d} CE supports Linux, macOS, and Windows

To run it you only need:

  1. To have Docker installed in your PC
  2. Download sourced binary (for your OS)
  3. Run it:

$ sourced init orgs --token=<github_token> <github_org_name>

And log in into with login: admin, and password: admin.

If you want more details of each step, you will find in the Quick Start Guide all the steps to get started with source{d} CE, from the installation of its dependencies to running SQL queries to inspect git repositories.

If you have any problem running source{d} CE you can take a look at our Troubleshooting section, and our source{d} Forum, where you can also ask for help when using source{d} CE.

Here is the list of metrics that are included out of the box in source{d} CE:

  • Repository Count
  • Number of collaborators
  • Programming Languages breakdown overtime
  • Repositories by number of files
  • Repository by number of collaborators
  • Number of releases per month and repository
  • Commits Evolution
  • Number of commits per day of the week
  • Number of commits to HEAD per month
  • Number of commits per month breakdown per repo
  • Total number of commits per repository
  • Number of files per languages
  • Number of lines of code per language
  • Number of contributions per organization
  • Number of contributions per individual
  • Compliance score
  • Missing files
  • Files missing summary
  • Not Merged Pull Requests
  • Avg. Time to Pull Requests Merge
  • Median Time to Pull Requests Merge
  • Most Active Repositories
  • Number of Pull Requests created
  • Time to Merge Change Over Time
  • Breakdown by Pull Request Outcome
  • Pull Requests Workflow

If you have a feature/query request, please open an issue on GitHub. If you have any questions about source{d} CE, please visit our community Forum.

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