Companies are starting to realize that there source code is a datasets holding a wealth of implicit knowledge. However, for most companies, source code analysis is a great challenge they can’t overcome for the following reasons:

  • The inherent characteristics of source code — volume, variety, intricacy, versioning — makes this datasets difficult to analyze
  • It is hard to retrieve and store source code across scattered repositories in scalable ways.
  • Maintenance and complexity leave no budget & resources for codebase modernization.
  • Tooling has not improved at the pace of innovation.

As a result, engineering managers are not getting any actionable business insights from their codebase. That’s why we’ve built the source{d} Engine. so that organizations can easily retrieve code across millions of repositories and perform language agnostic classification and parsing for deeper analysis.

source{d} Engine features

Check out this 5 minutes video to learn everything you need to know about source{d} Engine and how to easily get started.

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